Pokemon Pokedex Diamond Pearl Version

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pokedex DP VersionPokedex (Pokemon Dictionary) Diamond Pearl version is released by Takara Tomy on 18 October 2007 in Japan. More than 490 Pokemons are covered. Language is in Japanese. Working with AAA 3 batteries. Having 2 screens, bottom one is for navigation (touch screen), upper one is for display. Color is red and pink. The following features are available.

  • Illustrated book mode : Searching Pokemon by No, Type, Japanese sounds
  • Adventure mode : Shinou adventure, Pokemon registration with quiz
  • Setting mode : User name, Birthday, Time, Sound etc
  • Communication mode : To Communicate with other Pokedex, exchange your Pokemon
  • Mini game mode : 6 kinds game
  • Trainer mode : To display your trainer card's info and Professor Rowan advise

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